Solar & Photovoltaics

UV-screening and springtime recovery of photosynthetic capacity in leaves of Vaccinium vitis-idaea above and below the snow pack.

Solanki, T., Aphalo, P.J., Neimane, S., Hartikainen, S.M., Pieristè, M., Shapiguzov, A., Porcar-Castell, J.A., Atherton, J., Heikkilä, A. and Robson, T.M., 2018. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Public Health & PPE

Optimization of Charge Carrier Extraction in Colloidal Quantum Dots Short‐Wave Infrared Photodiodes through Optical Engineering.

Georgitzikis, E., Malinowski, P.E., Maes, J., Hadipour, A., Hens, Z., Heremans, P. and Cheyns, D., 2018. Advanced Functional Materials, p.1804502.

Categories: Material & Chemical, Semiconductor & Process Monitoring

Stabilization of anatase phase by uncompensated Ga-V co-doping in TiO2: A structural phase transition, grain growth and optical property study.

Khatun, N., Tiwari, S., Lal, J., Tseng, C.M., Liu, S.W., Biring, S. and Sen, S., 2018. Ceramics International.

Category: Material & Chemical

Surface molecular doping of all-inorganic perovskite using zethrenes molecules.

Pan, H., Xie, A., Hou, S., Yin, X., Tang, C.S., Hoa, N.T., Birowosuto, M.D., Wang, H., Dang, C., Rusydi, A. and Wee, A.T. Nano Research, pp.1-8.

Category: Material & Chemical

The UV/Visible Radiation Boundary Region (385–405 nm) Damages Skin Cells and Induces “dark” Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers in Human Skin in vivo.

Lawrence, K.P., Douki, T., Sarkany, R.P., Acker, S., Herzog, B. and Young, A.R., 2018. Scientific reports, 8(1), pp.12722-12722.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Study of the effect of V-doping on the opto-electrical properties of spray-pyrolized SnS thin films.

Urbaniak, A., Pawłowski, M., Marzantowicz, M., Marí, B. and Sall, T., 2018. Thin Solid Films.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Material & Chemical

Ultrathin Y 2 O 3: Eu 3+ nanodiscs: Spectroscopic investigations and evidence for reduced concentration quenching.

den Engelsen, D., Fern, G.R., Ireland, T.G., Hudry, D., Abeykoon, M., Nykypanchuk, D., Dickerson, J.H. and Silver, J., 2018. Nanotechnology.

Category: Material & Chemical

Structural and photoluminescent properties of CuGaxIn1− xSe2 thin films prepared by close-spaced vapor transport technique.

Tassoult, H., Bouloufa, A., Pawlowski, M. and Igalson, M., 2018. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 88, pp.167-172.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Material & Chemical

The mycosporine-like amino acids porphyra-334 and shinorine are antioxidants and direct antagonists of Keap1-Nrf2 binding.

Gacesa, R., Lawrence, K.P., Georgakopoulos, N.D., Yabe, K., Dunlap, W.C., Barlow, D.J., Wells, G., Young, A.R. and Long, P.F., 2018. Biochimie.

Category: Material & Chemical

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