Papers & Citations

Optimization of Charge Carrier Extraction in Colloidal Quantum Dots Short‐Wave Infrared Photodiodes through Optical Engineering.

Georgitzikis, E., Malinowski, P.E., Maes, J., Hadipour, A., Hens, Z., Heremans, P. and Cheyns, D., 2018. Advanced Functional Materials, p.1804502.

Categories: Material & Chemical, Semiconductor & Process Monitoring

Single-molecule photocurrent at a metal-molecule-semiconductor junction.

Vezzoli, A., Brooke, R.J., Higgins, S.J., Schwarzacher, W. and Nichols, R.J., 2017. Nano Letters.

Category: Semiconductor & Process Monitoring

An approach to discovering novel exciplex supramolecular complex based on carbazole-containing 1, 8-naphthalimide.

Bezuglyi, M., Ivaniuk, K., Volyniuk, D., Gražulevičius, J.V. and Bagdžiūnas, G., 2017. Dyes and Pigments.

Categories: Semiconductor & Process Monitoring, Material & Chemical

InSb quantum dots for the mid-infrared spectral range grown on GaAs substrates using metamorphic InAs buffer layers.

Lu, Q., Zhuang, Q., Marshall, A., Kesaria, M., Beanland, R. and Krier, A., 2014. Semiconductor Science and Technology, 29(7), p.075011.

Category: Semiconductor & Process Monitoring

Characterization of thick film poly (triarylamine) semiconductor diodes for direct x-ray detection.

Intaniwet, A., Mills, C.A., Shkunov, M., Thiem, H., Keddie, J.L. and Sellin, P.J., 2009. Journal of Applied Physics, 106(6), p.064513.

Category: Semiconductor & Process Monitoring

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