Material Optical Properties

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BPC300 Photochromic Spectrophotometer

BPC300 Photochromic Lens Spectrophotometer

Transmission testing of photochromic lenses to international standards

BPC300-C Photochromic Contact Lens Spectrophotometer

Automatic transmission testing of photochromic contact lenses under AM2 irradiation to international standards

Fluoro300 Spectrofluorometer

Fluoro300 High Performance Fluorometer

Highly configurable solution for the testing of solid or liquid samples

FSL300 Fibre Optic Spectrometer

FSL300 Fibre Spectral Attenuation Spectrometer

Turn-key solution providing precise measurements of fibre spectral attenuation

SSUV300 In Vitro Sunscreen Spectrophotometer

SSUV300 In Vitro Sunscreen Spectrophotometer

Determination of in vitro UVA protection of sunscreen products

UMS300 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer

High Accuracy Spectrophotometer with breadboard, tuneable light source, goniometer and integrating sphere.

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