Broadband Light Sources

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Single Emitter Light Sources

IL1 QTH Light Source

IL1 Halogen Source (350-4500nm)

Excellent stability over the vis-IR

IL6 Deuterium Light Source

IL6 Deuterium Source (200-400nm)

Low stray light UV illuminator

IL7 Xenon Light Source

IL7 Xenon Source (250-1500nm)

High radiance throughout UV-vis-NIR

IL75E Xenon Source

IL75E Xenon Source (250-1500nm)

Maximised coupling for excellent UV-vis-NIR illumination

IL8 SiN Infrared Source

IL8 SiN Infrared Source (1-30µm)

Stable illumination throughout the infrared

Dual Emitter Light Sources

ILD_D2_QH Dual Deuterium-Halogen Source

ILD-D2-QH Deuterium-Halogen Source (200-2500nm)

Optimised radiance from 200nm

ILD_Xe-IR Dual Halogen-SiN Source

ILD-QH-IR Halogen-SiN Source (350nm-30µm)

Superlative stability in vis-FIR applications

ILD_Xe-QH Dual Xenon-Quartz Halogen Source

ILD-Xe-QH Xenon-QTH Source (250-2500nm)

Optimised radiance from 250nm

Power Supplies

610 Current Stabilised Power Supply

610 Current Stabilised Lamp Power Supply

Reliable performance of incandescent and xenon sources

706 Deuterium Lamp Power supply

706 Deuterium Lamp Power Supply

Optimal operation of Deuterium sources