Entrance Optics

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D7 precision transmission diffuser 200-1100nm

D7 Cosine Corrected Transmission Diffuser (200-1100nm)

Precision diffuser ensuring correct hemispherical cosine response

D8 cosine error/spectral coverage optimised sphere 250-2500nm

D8 Cosine Corrected Integrating Sphere (250-2500nm)

Optimising the trade-off between cosine error and spectral coverage

IS75-ENV outdoor use integrating sphere 250-2500nm

IS75-ENV Cosine Corrected Integrating Sphere, Outdoor Use (250-2500nm)

Environmentally sealed entrance optic for UV-vis-IR use

Radiance and Radiant intensity

TEL301 telescope for measurement of radiance and radiant intensity

TEL301 Direct View Telescope

Easily define field of view and solid angle of measurement

Radiant Flux

IS50 laser spectral radiant flux integrating sphere 250-2500nm

IS50 Integrating Sphere (250-2500nm)

Precise laser spectral radiant flux measurement

IS500 opening integrating sphere for compact sources 350-800nm

IS500 Integrating sphere (350-800nm)

Opening integrating sphere for the measurement of compact sources