Traceable calibration service: Your Link to National Standards

Bentham's dedicated Calibration Laboratory

Operating out of the dedicated calibration laboratory situated within our headquarters in Reading, UK, Bentham provide a high-accuracy light source, detector and reflectance standard calibration service.

Bentham have many years of experience in providing professional calibration services for clients across a multitude of disciplines. Utilising high-performance proprietary instruments and traceable standards, clients receive a comprehensive calibration service with a quick turn-around time.

Accurate, traceable calibration that suits you

  • Bentham’s calibration service starts with an obligation free calibration consultation
  • From receipt to return we take care of your calibration artefact
  • A fast turn-around is guaranteed
  • PTB traceable calibrations
  • An annual calibration reminder is in place to ensure you continue measuring with confidence

Light Sources (radiometric)

Quantity Unit Wavelength Range
Spectral irradiance W.m-2.nm-1 200nm - 3000nm
Spectral radiance 250nm - 2500nm
Spectral radiant intensity 200nm - 3000nm
Spectral total radiant flux W.nm-1 350nm - 2000nm

Light Sources (derived photometric quantities)

Quantity Unit
Luminous flux lm
Luminous intensity cd
Luminance cd.m2
Illuminance lux
Colour x, y and u', v'
Correlated colour temperature K


Quantity Unit Wavelength Range
Spectral Responsivity A.W-1 200nm - 30µm


Quantity Unit Wavelength Range
Diffuse Reflectance % 250-2500nm
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