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Material & Chemical

Surface studies of (110) terminated FE304 and SRTI03

Walls, Brian Conor, Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Physics, 2018

Categories: Material & Chemical

Highly photoluminescent and stable silicon nanocrystals functionalized via microwave-assisted hydrosilylation, 2018.

Beri, D., Busko, D., Mazilkin, A., Howard, I.A., Richards, B.S. and Turshatov, A. RSC Advances, 8(18), pp.9979-9984.

Categories: Material & Chemical

Membrane-type polarization-controlled color filters on silicon substrate.

Shen, X., Wang, W., Gao, X., Chuan, Q., Shi, Z. and Wang, Y., 2018. Optics & Laser Technology, 105, pp.4-9.

Categories: Photonics & Optoelectronics, Material & Chemical

295-kW peak power picosecond pulses from a thulium-doped-fiber MOPA and the generation of watt-level> 2.5-octave supercontinuum extending up to 5 μm.

Liang, S., Xu, L., Fu, Q., Jung, Y., Shepherd, D.P., Richardson, D.J. and Alam, S.U., 2018. Optics Express, 26(6), pp.6490-6498.

Categories: Material & Chemical, Photonics & Optoelectronics

Perforated BaSnO3 Nanorods Exhibiting Enhanced Efficiency in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.

Roy, A., Das, P.P., Selvaraj, P., Sundaram, S. and Devi, P.S., 2018.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Material & Chemical

Analysis of heritage stones and model wall paintings by pulsed laser excitation of Raman, laser-induced fluorescence and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy signals with a hybrid system.

Martínez-Hernández, A., Oujja, M., Sanz, M., Carrasco, E., Detalle, V. and Castillejo, M., 2018. Journal of Cultural Heritage.

Categories: Material & Chemical

Optical nanofiber coupler sensors operating in the cut-off wavelength region.

Talataisong, W., Ismaeel, R., Lee, T., Beresna, M. and Brambilla, G., 2018. IEEE Sensors Journal.

Categories: Material & Chemical

Effect of micro-defects and Pb-loss on electrical and optical properties of PLZT ceramic.

Samanta, S., Sankaranarayanan, V. and Sethupathi, K., 2018. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, pp.1-14.

Categories: Material & Chemical, Photonics & Optoelectronics