Measurement Accessories

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COL_1 Lens-based Collimator

COL_1 Collimator

Lens-based monochromator or light source collimator

COL_3 Reflective Optics-based Collimator

COL_3 Collimator

Reflective-optic-based monochromator collimator

DTR6 Diffuse Transmission/Reflectance Sphere

DTR6 Integrating Sphere (300-2000nm)

Diffuse transmission and 8°/diffuse reflectance sphere

FOP Fibre Optic Bundle

FOP Series Fibre Optic Bundles

Flexible light delivery over the UV-vis-IR

IS4 Integrating Sphere Beam Homogeniser

IS4 Integrating Sphere

Monochromator slit mounted integrating sphere beam homogeniser

OPT-INT-UV Beam Homogeniser

OPT-INT-UV Beam Homogeniser (250-600nm)

Microlens array beam homogeniser