Industry-Leading Optical Metrology Solutions

We are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of monochromator-based optical metrology instrumentation, offering expertise and established in-house capabilities for the advancement of light based science.

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Light is our passion. Bentham manufactures accurate, reliable instrumentation which is utilised in the optical characterisation of sources, detectors and materials around the world. Our aim is to drive science and industry to a brighter future, delivering market leading components and systems to streamline research, development, quality and certification.

We pride ourselves on the high standards we uphold, and the exceptional level of service that we provide. For more than 40 years, we have worked alongside customers, leveraging Bentham’s leading expertise to deliver perfectly suited systems, time after time.

We pride ourselves on the high standards we uphold

Quality & Technology

Bentham’s state-of-the art light measurement solutions employ the very latest advances in opto-mechanics and electronics.

Each product of Bentham’s extensive portfolio has been designed by industry leading optical, mechanical and electrical engineers, built in the UK and rigorously tested in-house to guarantee ultimate measurement confidence across the full spectrum, and a measurement solution that is built to last.

Superior design and manufacture of high-performance light measurement solutions.


Over 40 years of establishment Bentham has developed a number of key in-house capabilities and fields of expertise recognised throughout the optics and photonics industry, facilitating the superior design and manufacture of high-performance light measurement solutions.

We are passionate about understanding your measurement problem from your point of view and sharing our expertise so that together we can find the optimum solution.


Bentham’s seasoned, multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists and developers provide measurement excellence and authoritative knowledge in light-based applications, offering industry-leading insight into such areas as bespoke product design, original equipment manufacturing and advanced training in a wide range of fields.