Manufacturing of optical components

Bentham has decades of expertise and practical knowledge in the assembly and manufacture of scientific instruments. We have specialist insight in precision optical alignment and calibration techniques, automated life time testing and product characterisation procedures and a dedicated production streams for OEM products.
A dedicated online OEM portal facilitates convenient online product configuration, ordering and order tracking. 

Software Design

Our team of software developers create software with the user at the forefront. Our full software suite, easily integrated into your software development stream, can be broken down into three core platforms:

  • EmBen, a modern embedded C++ library used for hardware control. This flexible asynchronous event driven library can be used to control new hardware as well as quickly be tailored to new applications.
  • BenHW, a low level hardware DLL exposing an intuitive API making control integration of Bentham hardware seamless. 
  • BenWin+, a desktop spectroradiometry platform. 

Electronic Design

Bentham offer leading expertise in both digital and analogue electronic circuit design and PCB layout, with extensive use of OrCAD for schematic capture and PCB layout, and PSpice for circuit simulation and characterisation. An in-house surface mounting facility permits straight-forward prototyping and low volume manufacture. 

Additional areas of expertise include motor control, ARM based MCUs, ultra-low noise high gain amplification and control loop systems.

Optical Design

An advanced in-house team of optical experts offer high-proficiency in both imaging and non-imaging optical design, with extensive use of Zemax modelling software together with proprietary in-house optical design optimisation software. 

Bentham offer extensive practical experience in the design and specification for manufacture of bespoke optical components and systems for use from ultraviolet through to infrared with manufacture, alignment and calibration in mind.

Mechanical Design

Our leading team of mechanical designers offer vast experience in design and customisation of optical components to fit with specific mechanical requirements.