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LuxCal250 Lux/Luminance Calibration System

LuxCal250 Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration

High-accuracy wide dynamic-range luxmeter calibrator with luminance calibrator

Categories: Certification & Calibration, Calibration, Illuminance Sensitivity, Luminance

PVE300 EQE (IPCE) and IQE solution

PVE300 Photovoltaic EQE (IPCE) and IQE solution

Precise internal and external quantum efficiency (EQE/IQE), reflectance and transmittance measurements of all photovoltaic devices, architectures and materials

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Performance Testing (QA), R&D, EQE, IQE

ULS300 CCT Luminance Source

ULS300 Variable, Constant Colour Temperature Luminance Source

300mm integrating sphere featuring 250W QTH lamp

Categories: Absorbance

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