Our Monochromators

Bentham has been designing and manufacturing monochromators for over 50 years, developing a comprehensive portfolio built for precision and measurement confidence across the UV-visible-IR.

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Why Bentham?

Bentham Instruments has a long history of manufacturing high quality, high tech products and systems. Bentham products can be found in laboratories across the world, from physics laboratories to hospitals, on mountaintops, deserts, and even the arctic. This ubiquity is achieved through products that perform precisely, day in and out, are durable and affordable. Many of the standard products in our extensive cataloge have started out from as a customer inquiry, resulting in products that fullfil real-world needs.

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OEM Capabilities

Are you looking for an OEM partner to bring spectrometry to your product? Bentham has a long history of successful OEM relationships with clients across the world, for whom Bentham-designed systems and components provide key spectroscopic capabilities. Leverage Bentham's expertise, capability, and flexibility. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers are with you every step of the way!

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Bespoke Systems

Bentham has 50 years of expertise in designing spectrophotometers and complex optical systems, and can assist you in both determining your needs and completing the design of the system. Our knowledgeable scientists and engineers, and factory specialized for low-volume high-tech equipment, make Bentham ideally suited to help you build the perfect system. Custom solution design is a core part of Bentham's services. Although your application may be new to us, our experienced team is equipped to handle the design process with ease.

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