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Papers & Citations

General & Specialty Lighting

A strategy towards the next generation of low pressure discharge lamps: lighting after mercury.

Kitsinelis, S., Zissis, G. and Fokitis, E., 2009. A strategy towards the next generation of low pressure discharge lamps: lighting after mercury. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 42(4), p.045209.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting, Consumer products & Textile

Uncertainty evaluation for measurement of LED colour by Monte Carlo simulations.

Pousset, N., Rougie, B. and Razet, A., 2009. Metrologia, 46(6), p.704.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting

Trends in UV irradiance of tanning devices in Norway: 1983–2005.

Nilsen, L.T.N., Hannevik, M., Aalerud, T.N., Johnsen, B., Friberg, E.G. and Veierød, M.B., 2008. Photochemistry and photobiology, 84(5), pp.1100-1108.

Categories: Consumer products & Textile, Cosmetics & Sun Protection, General & Specialty Lighting

Evaluation of eye protection filters for use with dental curing and bleaching lamps.

Bruzell, E.M., Johnsen, B., Aalerud, T.N. and Christensen, T., 2007. Journal of occupational and environmental hygiene, 4(6), pp.432-439.

Categories: Medical & Pharmaceutical, General & Specialty Lighting

Evaluation of a Single‐monochromator Diode Array Spectroradiometer for Sunbed UV‐radiation Measurements.

Ylianttila, L., Visuri, R., Huurto, L. and Jokela, K., 2005. Photochemistry and photobiology, 81(2), pp.333-341.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting

Light distribution and calibration of commercial PDT LED arrays.

Moseley, H., 2005. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 4(11), pp.911-914.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Hazards of non coherent light sources as determined by the framework of IEC TR-60825-9.

Clarkson, D.M., 2004. Journal of medical engineering & technology, 28(3), pp.125-131.

Categories: Certification & Calibration, General & Specialty Lighting

Contrasting effects of an ultraviolet B and an ultraviolet A tanning lamp on interleukin‐6, tumour necrosis factor‐α and intercellular adhesion molecule‐1 expression.

Clingen, P.H., Berneburg, M., Petit‐Frère, C., Woollons, A., Lowe, J.E., Arlett, C.F. and Green, M.H.L., 2001. British Journal of Dermatology, 145(1), pp.54-62.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Light emitting devices from organic charge transfer adduct thin films.

Kathirgamanathan, P., Kandappu, V., Hara, S., Chandrakumar, K., Marianesan, S.L., Selvaranjan, S., Surendrakumar, S. and Toohey, M.J., 1999. Materials Letters, 40(6), pp.285-293.

Categories: Consumer products & Textile, General & Specialty Lighting

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