Papers & Citations

Triphenylamine disubstituted naphthalene diimide: elucidation of excited states involved in TADF and application in near-infrared organic light emitting diodes.

Higginbotham, H., Pander, P.H., Rybakiewicz, R., Etherington, M.K., Maniam, S., Zagorska, M., Pron, A., Data, P. and Monkman, A.P., 2018. Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting, Material & Chemical

AC electroluminescent lamps: shedding some light on their mysteries.

Harris, P., den Engelsen, D., Fern, G. and Silver, J., 2017. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 28(10), pp.7006-7012.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting, Material & Chemical

Development of mid-infrared light emitting diodes to replace incandescent airfield lighting.

Hayton, J.P., 2017. (Doctoral dissertation, Lancaster University).

Category: General & Specialty Lighting

Low-energy light bulbs, computers, tablets and the blue light hazard.

O'hagan, J.B., Khazova, M. and Price, L.L.A., 2016. Eye, 30(2), p.230.

Categories: Certification & Calibration, General & Specialty Lighting

RF/Microwave Discharge Plasma for Mercury-Free Lighting.

Dagang, A.N., Motomura, H. and Jinno, M., 2014. Journal of Light & Visual Environment.

Categories: General & Specialty Lighting, Consumer products & Textile, Photonics & Optoelectronics

An assessment of the accuracy of pulse oximeters.

Milner QJW, Mathews GR. Anaesthesia 2012; 67: 396-401

Categories: Medical & Pharmaceutical, General & Specialty Lighting

Highly potent activation of Nrf2 by topical tricyclic bis (cyano enone): implications for protection against UV radiation during thiopurine therapy.

Kalra, S., Knatko, E.V., Zhang, Y., Honda, T., Yamamoto, M. and Dinkova-Kostova, A.T., 2012. Cancer Prevention Research, 5(7), pp.973-981.

Categories: Medical & Pharmaceutical, General & Specialty Lighting

A “melanopic” spectral efficiency function predicts the sensitivity of melanopsin photoreceptors to polychromatic lights.

Enezi, J.A., Revell, V., Brown, T., Wynne, J., Schlangen, L. and Lucas, R., 2011. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 26(4), pp.314-323.

Category: General & Specialty Lighting

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