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Printable versions of Bentham datasheets and technical guides are available to download for free in PDF format.

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Technical Guides

NVIS Compatibility
UV guide A Guide to Spectroradiometry:Instruments and Applications for the Ultraviolet
Lighting applications guide Optical Characterisation of LEDs and SSL
PV technical note PDF Spectral Characterisation of Photovoltaic Devices
Photobiological safety PDF Photobiological Safety of LEDs
Lock-in amplifier guide Lock-in Amplifiers


PDF link 215 High voltage power supply
275 Ultra low noise pre-amplifier
417 Base unit
474 Transformer and pre-amp for PV measurements
477 AC current pre-amp
487 Current amplifier/ADC
PDF link 496 DSP Lock-in Amplifier
PDF link 497 AC pre-amp/DC amp with ADC
PDF link 4-Junction PV Device Spectral Characterisation
PDF link 605 Power supply
PDF link 706 Power supply for deuterium lamp
PDF link BenWin+ Spectroradiometer software
PDF link BGS400 Lamp & Luminaire Goniophotometer
PDF link BLMS Lamp measurement systems
PDF link CL2 Universal spectral irradiance lamp
PDF link CL3 Universal UV spectral irradiance lamp
PDF link CL6 Enclosed spectral irradiance lamp
PDF link COL1 Collimator
PDF link D6/D7 Cosine Response Diffusers
PDF link DH-00-Te Cooled Housing
PDF link DH-InGaAs InGaAs photodiode
PDF link DH-PbS-Te & DH-PbSe-Te detector heads
PDF link DH-Py Pyroelectric detector head
PDF link DH-Si Silicon detector head
PDF link Diffusers Cosine response diffusers
PDF link DMc150 Double monochromator
PDF link DTMc300 Double monochromator
PDF link DTR6 Integrating sphere
PDF link Envirobox - Temperature-controlled weatherproof enclosure
PDF link FD430/431, FL410 Fibre detectors and launch
PDF link FSM150Xe Fast-switching monochromator
PDF link Gratings - Grating efficiency curves
PDF link IDR300 Integrated double spectroradiometer
PDF link IL1 Light source
PDF link IL6, IL7, IL8 Light sources
PDF link M300 Monochromator
PDF link ORM400 Optical radiation meter
PDF link OS Order sorting filters
PDF link PSL Profiler
PDF link PSL Wizard Photobiological Safety of Lamps measurement wizard
PDF link PVE300 Photovoltaic characterisation system
PDF link SLITS Slit bandwidth chart
PDF link SRS8 Spectral radiance/Luminance standard
PDF link SRS12 Spectral radiance/Luminance standard
PDF link Stepping Motor Systems
PDF link SSM150Xe Switching monochromator/High intensity tunable light source
PDF link SSUV300 In vitro UVA testing of sunscreen products
PDF link T300X Translation Stage
PDF link TEL 301 Telescope
PDF link TEL 309 Telescope
PDF link TMc300 Monochromator
PDF link TMS300 Monochromator
PDF link TSRF/TLF Total spectral radiant flux/Total luminous flux
PDF link ULS300 Universal Light Source
PDF link UMS Universal Measurement Station
Legacy/Obsolete units
23 SM Stepper motor
PDF link 217 Base unit
PDF link 218 Optical chopper
PDF link 225 Lock-in amplifier
PDF link 228A Integrating A to D converter
PDF link 262 Programmable relay unit
PDF link 267 Programmable DC amplifier
PDF link 277 Programmable current pre-amplifier
PDF link 485 Programmable lock-in with ADC
PDF link 495 Phase-insensitive lock-in
PDF link 705 Power supply for deuterium lamp
PDF link SMR4000 WDM/Fibre coupler test system

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