CL6 Spectral Irradiance Standard (fully enclosed)

The CL6 is a fully enclosed spectral irradiance standard lamp that greatly simplifies the calibration of spectroradiometers, lux meters and radiometers. It removes the need for a dark room, precision optical bench and alignment tools associated with conventional calibration lamps.

Interchangeable adapters accommodate all Bentham's diffusers, photometric detectors and integrating spheres as well as many other devices. The system to be calibrated is simply 'plugged in' to a very reproducible location alleviating the need for any other positioning or alignment.

The calibration is performed with respect to National Physical Laboratory (NPL Teddington UK) calibrated lamps held by Bentham. Alternatively, direct NPL calibration can be offered.


Measurement type Spectral irradiance
Wavelength range 200nm - 3000nm
Wavelength interval 5nm
Peak spectral irradiance 140 (mW/m2 .nm)
Peak wavelength 770nm
Integrated irradiance (300-800nm) 40 (W/m2)
Tristimulus X: 6600 Y: 6325 Z: 3050
Illuminance 6300 lux
Chromaticity coordinates, CIE 1931 & 1976 x = 0.414 y = 0.396 u' = 0.239 v' = 0.515
Correlated colour temperature 3360K 

CL6 logarithmic plot

CL6-H (Horizontal Mount) CL6-V (Vertical Mount)

CL6 verticalCL6 horizontal