CL3 UV Spectral Irradiance Standard (200-400nm)

CL3 UV spectral irradiance standard

The CL3 is a universal UV spectral irradiance standard lamp for the calibration of spectroradiometers and radiometers. It is housed in a metal enclosure with optical bench compatible mounted holes in the base. Calibration distance is set using a spacer bar supplied with the lamp.

The calibration is performed with respect to National Physical Laboratory (NPL Teddington UK) calibrated lamps held by Bentham. Alternatively, direct NPL calibration can be offered.

The CL3 is fitted with a 30W deuterium lamp and is supplied with a matched power supply, model 706.


200-400nm 280 mW/m2
UV-A (315-400nm) 40 mW/m2
UV-B (280-315nm 35 mW/m2
UV-C (200-280nm) 205 mW/m2

CL3 spectrum

Measurement tile

CL tile

The CL3 can be supplied with diffuse reflectance tile and mount (made from OpDiMa material) to provide spectral radiance standard.