Calibration Services

Using instruments from Bentham's range, and standards calibrated at National Standards Laboratories, Bentham can provide a full, traceable, and fast calibration and measurement service.

Examples include:

Whilst standards are typically calibrated at Bentham's in-house calibration laboratory, Bentham can visit customers' premises to perform measurements.

The following list of quantities measured is by no means exhaustive:

Light Sources (radiometric)
Quantity Unit Wavelength Range
Spectral irradiance W.m-2.nm-1 200nm - 3000nm
Spectral radiance 300nm - 1100nm
Spectral radiant intensity 200nm - 3000nm
Spectral total radiant flux W.nm-1 200nm - 3000nm
Derived photometric quantities
Quantity Unit
Luminous flux Lumens
Luminous intensity Candelas (cd)
Luminance cd.m2
Illuminance Lumens.m-2(lux)
Colour x, y and u1, v1
Correlated colour temperature K
Quantity Unit Wavelength Range
Spectral Responsivity A.W-1.nm-1 250nm - 1800nm
Spectral Responsivity A.W-1.nm-1 1 - 25µm