Systems / Applications

The strength of our approach is to always see the measurement task from the customer's point of view and to seek a solution of which we can both be proud.

A modular methodology allows us to assemble a variety of individual light measurement systems using items from a range of fully developed standard products.

These are some of the applications of which we have direct experience:

Photobiological Testing of Lamps (CIE S 009)

Solar Cell Characterisation

Photochromic Lens Testing

Fibre Spectral Loss/WDM Device Characterisation

In vivo Phototoxicity Testing

NVG Compatibility Testing

Flicker Measurement(SSL)

Solar Radiation Measurement (outdoor)


Solar Simulator Characterisation (200-2500nm)

Sun Bed Testing/Phototherapy (PUVA)/Dose

LED Measurements

LED Lifetime

sunscreen testing

Sunscreen Testing (COLIPA)

Photostability of Pharmaceutical Products (ICH Guidelines)

Detector Responsivity

Phosphor Research

Phosphor QE

Calibration Laboratories

Lamp Measurement

Fully Automated Lamp Characterisation including power supply, ballast, ignitors

Multichannel Spectroradiometer simultaneous 200-3000nm

High Intensity UV

UHP Lamp Performance & Characteristics

Combined Spectroradiometer/ photometer

High Optical Density Transmission