IL6/7/8 Light Sources

The IL6/7/8 range of modular light sources offers a flexible means of configuring single, double, and triple light sources covering the spectral range 200nm to 30┬Ám.

A variety of different lamps types and power ratings, specified separately, can be fitted into the lamp housings.

The 'S' version lamp housings are stand-alone single source units whereas the 'D' and 'T' version are used in conjunction with the IL-DSC dual source changeover unit and the IL-TSC triple source changeover unit respectively.

Although primarily designed for use with Bentham's range of monochromators and spectrometer systems, these light sources can be readily incorporated into most optical and spectroscopic set-ups requiring highly stable, focused broadband illumination. All of the light sources can be directly mounted onto any Bentham monochromator, collimator, fibre optic bundle and other accessories.

An efficient, dual-element lens (f/1 input, f/4 output) precisely matches the acceptance cone of the monochromator thus maximising light transfer while minimising scattered light.

The Bentham 218 Optical Chopper can also be directly attached.

The IL6x and IL8x housings are essentially the same except for the lens assembly materials which are selected to match the various spectral ranges as defined in the table below.

The IL7 is a special version of the IL6x. It is alsways fitted with a 150W Xe lamp and incorporates the required ignitor circuitry for this type of lamp.


IL6 200 - 3000nm for use with deuterium/QH lamps
IL7 200 - 1100nm always fitted with 150W Xe lamp
IL8 1 - 30µm Nernst element

Lamp Types

  For use in... Lamp Type Recommended Spectral Range Operating Current Recommended p.s.u.
6/100W IL6S/D/T 100W quartz halogen 250 - 2500nm 8.5A 610
6/150W IL6S/D/T 150W quartz halogen 250 - 2500nm 6.3A 610
6/250W IL6S/D/T 250W quartz halogen 250 - 2500nm 10.4A 610
6/DEUT IL6S/D/T 30W deuterium 200 - 400nm - 706
8/NERNST IL8S/D/T Nernst element 3 - 30µm 8.5A 610
Supplied as part of IL7x IL7S/D/T 150W Xe 200 - 1100nm 8.5A 610