ULS300 Variable Radiance Uniform Light Source

  • ULS300 CCT Luminance Source

Continuously variable from <30 cd•m-2 to 10000 cd•m-2 the ULS300 output is highly-uniform over the 100mm diameter aperture, ±0.05% independent of luminance setting. The CCT is nominally 3100K with less than ±20K variation over full luminance range.

Micrometer adjustable bi-lateral slits situated between the lamp and the fibres allow for high-accuracy light level adjustment over 50μm to 10mm.

Core benefits


  • The sphere has a 100mm aperture, with a 50mm port reducer used to increase the radiance.
  • Luminance continuously variable from <30 cd•m-2 to 10000 cd•m-2
  • CCT 3100K ±20K variation over full luminance range
  • Features 150W quartz halogen (QTH) lamp
  • Light transported via an 8-branch fibre for homogenous illumination
  • Micrometer adjustable bi-lateral slits to vary the light level over 50μm to 10mm
  • Windows control software (BenWin+) provides full automation via USB 2.0


  • CCD and CMOS device uniformity calibration

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