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The PVE300 features full compatibility with all types of photovoltaic devices, materials and architectures, including c:Si, mc:Si, a:Si, µ:Si, CdTe, CIGS, CIS, Ge, dye-sensitised, organic/polymer, tandem, multi-junction (2-, 3-, 4-junction and more), quantum well, quantum dots, chalcogenides and perovskites.

Core benefits


  • Optimised tuneable light source based on xenon-quartz tungsten halogen dual source and single monochromator
  • Wide range of operation (300-2500nm) beyond this, please enquire
  • Reflective optics beam delivery to sample plane
  • A range of sample mounts and detection electronics to suit all device types and architectures
  • Windows control software provides full automation via USB 2.0
  • Direct determination of device spectral response (SR, A W-1)
  • Direct determination of device external quantum efficiency (EQE/IPCE, %)
  • Direct determination of total reflectance, R and transmittance, T, to convert EQE to internal quantum efficiency (IQE, %)


  • IEC 60904-8:2014 - Photovoltaic devices - Part 8: Measurement of spectral responsivity of a photovoltaic (PV) device
  • IEC 60904-8-1:2017 - Photovoltaic devices - Part 8-1: Measurement of spectral responsivity of multi-junction photovoltaic (PV) devices

Reported Parameters

  • IQE
  • Predicted Jsc
  • Reflectance
  • Transmittance

Recent Citations

Monochromatic Probe (TMc300)

Probe light source75W Xenon and 100W Quartz halogen (QTH)
Monochromator configurationTriple grating, symmetric, single Czerny-Turner, 300mm focal length
BandwidthAdjustable fixed slit, 1-10nm typical
Resolution0.3nm (1200g/mm); 0.6nm (600g/mm)
Dispersion2.7nm/mm (1200g/mm); 5.4nm/mm (600g/mm)
Wavelength range300-1100nm (1200g/mm ); 1100-2500nm (600g/mm)
Wavelength accuracy± 0.2nm (1200g/mm); ± 0.4nm (600g/mm)
Relay opticMirror-based, 1.2x magnification
Probe sizeUp to 6x6mm

Temperature-Controlled Vacuum Mount

Temperature control4x70W Peltier-based heat pump, water- cooled hot side
Temperature range15-65°C
Temperature feedbackCentrally-positioned sensor situated 3mm below sample plane
Temperature stability± 1°C

Light Bias

Transport to sampleBranched glass fibre bundle
Bias source irradiance0-1.5 suns
Bias source uniformity±1% over 1 cm2
Filter optionTwo 50mm square filter holders
Source optionsQuartz halogen/ Xenon/ Class B AM1.5


Software controlBenwin+ Windows application

Reference Diodes

Diode & rangeSilicon 300-1100nm; Germanium 800-1800nm
TraceabilityPTB, Germany

Voltage Bias (optional)

Voltage range-20 to 20V
Current limit1A

XY Stage (optional)

Travel in x250mm
Travel in y200mm
Positional Accuracy±16µm
Bi-directional repeatability±1µm
Drive typeStepper motor

Integrating Sphere

Port size15mm Ø (5 &10mm Ø port reducers supplied)
DetectorSilicon/ Germanium/ Silicon-InGaAs sandwich


All configurations and accessories are designed to adapt the PVE300 system to the testing requirements of all single and multi-junction PV devices, including:

  • Temperature-controlled vacuum mounts for substrate, superstrate or packaged devices
  • Programmable Single or multiple channel bias sources, including an AM1.5 matched bias source
  • Voltage biasing for the assessment of multiple junction cells and some thin film device
  • Integrating sphere-based determination of reflectance/transmittance to yield internal quantum efficiency (IQE, %)
  • Motorised x-y stage for device uniformity measurement
  • Characterisation of fluorescent materials with addition of second monochromator
  • Customised Electrical Probe
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Probe Beam Irradiance Control
  • High Output Monochromatic Light Source

Responsivity Measurements

Responsivity of Single Cells
Responsivity of Tandem Cells
Responsivity of Tandem Cells
Responsivity of Triple Junction Cells
Responsivity of Triple Junction Cells

4 Junction Cell

Measurement of 4 junction cell
Simultaneous multi-junction cell evaluation

External Quantum Efficiency (EQE)

PVE300 Example Resposnsivity Measurement
Example Responsivity Measurement
PVE300 Example External Quantum Efficiency Measurement
Example EQE Measurement

Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE)

PVE300 Example Reflectance Measurement
Example Reflectance Measurement
PVE300 Example IQE Measurement
Example IQE Measurement

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PVE_300PVE300 photovoltaic EQE (IPCE) and IQE solution

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