PhotoTest450 Portable In Vivo Monochromator Phototesting

  • PhotoTest450 System
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  • PhotoTest450 System

Reliable and economical to run, the PhotoTest450 is employed in numerous hospitals, health centers and research centers across the globe, enhancing the availability, convenience and effectiveness of light-based treatments.

Core benefits


  • Efficiently coupled 450W xenon source/ monochromator tuneable light source
  • Provides coverage of UV and visible (280-600nm)
  • Accurate exposure time delivered by use of automated shutters 
  • Flexible liquid light guide beam delivery
  • Accurate real time dosimetry of monochromatic probe using calibrated integrating sphere based power meter
  • System calibration traceable to PTB, Germany
  • User-friendly Windows TES software fully automates process with minimal training required (USB 2.0)
  • No lamp water-cooling required


  • Phototoxicity testing
  • Photogenotoxicity testing 
  • Investigating potential phototoxic risk in trials of topical and systemic drugs

Tuneable light source

Lamp rating450W
Typical lamp current27A
Lamp lifetime2000h
Current sensingCurrent transducer coupled to ORM400
Monochromator configurationAsymmetric, single Czerny-Turner
Focal length300mm
Grating mount and driveStepping motor driven triple grating turret
Diffraction gratings installed2400 groove/mm holographic, 250nm blaze
1200 groove/mm ruled, 400nm blaze
1200 groove/mm ruled, 500nm blaze
Grating size2400 g/mm– 68x84mm
1200 g/mm—90x90mm
Aperture ratiof/3.6 (at all grating angles)
Number of entrance/exit ports1 entrance, 1 exit
Slit typeInternal motorised variable
Slit width & height10µm-10mm (W) x 20mm (H)
Order sorting6-position filter wheel (includes shutter), 25mm diameter filters
Spectral range280-600nm
Maximum bandwidth2400 g/mm– 13.5nm
1200 g/mm—27nm
Wavelength accuracy± 0.1nm (2400 g/mm ); ± 0.2nm (1200 g/mm )
Wavelength reproducibility± 0.025nm (2400 g/mm ); ± 0.05nm (1200 g/mm )

Beam Dosimetry

Integrating sphere diameter and coating4”, BaSO4
Sphere detectorSilicon photodiode
Sphere calibrationSpectral Responsivity, A.W-1.nm-1
Calibration traceabilityPTB, Germany
Peak responsivity (typical)0.14mA.W-1
Photocurrent measurement Six-decade trans-impedance amplifier/ ADC


Software controlTES Windows application


Power supplyMains 110V/220V, 50/60 Hz via medical transformer
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (TMS305, ORM400)
Dimensions1280L x 530W x 1150H (mm)
PhotoTest450 wavelength irradiance
PhotoTest450 wavelength irradiance measurement

Typical Irradiance at Exposure Site

Wavelength (nm)Bandwidth (nm)Irradiance (

Ordering Information

Phototest450Portable In Vivo Monochromator Phototesting
12182Liquid light guide, UV, 8mm, 2m long
19027Replacement 450W xenon lamp
CALIBRATION-PHTH_SPHERESpectral responsivity calibration of beam power detector

Software Control

PhotoTest450 In Vivo Monochromator Phototesting TES Software

The PhotoTest450 is controlled over the USB 2.0 interface using our dedicated TES Windows application, including the following functionality: 

  • Manual selection of wavelength and exposure time
  • Definition of protocols including wavelength, bandwidth and exposure time
  • Excel output of exposure reports 
  • Fixed and variable protocols
  • Easy implementation of integrating sphere power meter calibration factors
  • System Diagnostics functionality

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