LuxCal250 Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration

  • Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration
  • Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration
  • Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration
  • Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration

Comprising a light-tight enclosure housing standards of illuminance, Bentham’s LuxCal250 presents a straightforward and cost-effective calibration solution obviating requirements typical of traditional, distance-based calibration.

Designed as a high-performance, all-in-one calibration solution, the capabilities of the LuxCal250 may be extended to encompass precise luminance meter calibration with the LumiCal50, alongside representing a UKAS accredited calibration device with the LuxCal+.

Based on an exceptionally stable, colour-filtered quartz tungsten halogen lamp, the output levels are varied via neutral density filters, providing a range of calibration levels. The LuxCal250 and LumiCal50 are both calibrated in our dedicated laboratory with respect to standards calibrated by Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany).

Core benefits


  • Houses standards in light tight enclosure with easy access to position devices under test
  • Colour shifted (2856K quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) standards (CIE illuminant A)
  • Output level of the illuminance calibrator is varied via four neutral density filters, providing five calibration levels
  • Lab jack and height gauge, featuring a laser alignment aid, allow accurate positioning of device under test
  • Output level of the luminance calibrator is varied via three neutral density filters, providing four calibration levels
  • Includes high performance 610 programmable constant current power supply
  • Calibration traceable to Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)


  • ISO/CIE 19476:2014, Characterization of the performance of illuminance meters and luminance meters
  • CIE S 023/E:2013, Characterization of the performance of iluminance meters and luminance meters
  • Luxmeter calibration
  • Luminance meter calibration
  • UKAS accredited calibration

Reported Parameters

  • Illuminance (lx)
  • Optional Luminance (cd.m-2)


Lamp typeQuartz Tungsten Halogen lamp, G6.35 base
Nominal lamp power and voltage250W, 12V
Operating current10.4A (adjusted to obtain 2856K operation)
Expected lifetime2000 hours
Calibration frequency100 hours use/ one year recommended
Dimensions600L x 500W x 700H (mm)
Typical illuminance level one (no filter)19000 lx
Typical illuminance level two (ND1)1800 lx
Typical illuminance level three (ND2)180 lx
Typical illuminance level four (ND3)20 lx
Typical illuminance level five (ND4)2 lx


Lamp typeGrit-blasted Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamp, G6.35 base
Nominal lamp power and voltage50W, 12V
Operating current4.0A (adjusted to obtain 2856K operation)
Expected lifetime2000 hours
Calibration frequency100 hours use/ one year recommended
Typical luminance level one (no filter)21000 cd.m-2
Typical luminance level two (ND1)1800 cd.m-2
Typical luminance level three (ND2)200 cd.m-2
Typical luminance level four (ND3)30 cd.m-2
Typical luminance level five (ND4)3 cd.m-2


Spectral functionV(λ) photometric
V(λ) matching errorf1 ≤ 3 %
Typical responsivity0.5 nA/lx
Diffuser diameter7mm
Cosine matching errorf2 ≤ 1.5 %
Typical minimum detectable illuminance20 mlx
Typical maximum detectable illuminance20 klx
Display5 digits, auto-ranging
Power supplyMains transformer
InterfaceUSB 2.0

610 Constant Current Power Supply

Input voltage100V - 220V, 5A max, 50-60Hz
Output voltage & current0-10.4A in remote use. Max Voltage: 26V
Connection typeIEC mains input connection
Resolution 0.1A local; 0.001A over SCPI protocol
Operation modesRemote mode
PC: SCPI protocol allows the Set Current to be assigned to an accuracy of 1mA
Local mode
Pre-set: Allows pre-set Current settings to be selected
Variable: Used to set the current between 0-10.4A, indicated on the display
Current pre-set4.00 A, 5.40 A, 6.30 A, 8.50 A, 10.40 A, 0-10.4A variable
Max output power250W
Setting control Remote setting by user interface controlled through USB
Local setting by rotary switch
(fixed current or variable settings)
Operating conditionsAmbient temperature: 0°C - +40°C
Storage temperature: -20°C - +85°C
Drift0.05% of rated output
(Over an 8-hour interval with constant line, load and temperature, after a 30-minute warm-up period)
Temperature stability30ppm/°C
Compliance to standardsEN 61010-1:2010
EN 61326-1:2013
Accuracy±(0.04% +0.05A)
Output power ripple<0.1%
Dimensions450L x 300W x 130H (mm)
Weight5 kg
Mode typesConstant Current, Constant Voltage


The LuxCal250Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration
The LumiCal50High-precision luminance meter calibration
The LuxMeter+UKAS accredited illuminance calibrator

The Bentham Standard

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