Source Characterisation

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High dynamic range colorimetric characterisation of displays

DVC150 Visual Characterisation of Displays

High dynamic range display characterisation for ultimate accuracy

Categories: Certification & Calibration, Defence & Aerospace, Performance Testing (QA), R&D, Luminance

Flicker400 Source Flicker Characterisation

Flicker400 Light Source Modulation Characterisation

Lighting manufacturers can now gain a quick and comprehensive oversight into the key flicker parameters of a source throughout development

Categories: Certification & Calibration, Performance Testing (QA), R&D, Safety & Compliance Testing, Flicker Index, Flicker Percent, Flicker Frequency

NVC150 Night Vision Compatibility Testing

NVC150 Night Vision Compatibility Testing

Easy-to-use solution for comprehensive night vision compatibility characterisation

Categories: Defence & Aerospace, Certification & Calibration, R&D, Performance Testing (QA), Luminance

WLS100 fibre coupled white light source

WLS100 Fibre Coupled White Light Source

Turn-key, fibre coupled white light source is designed for exceptional stability and high power broad band output.

Categories: Photonics & Optoelectronics, Calibration, Performance Testing (QA), R&D

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