Enviro150 Solar Spectroradiometer

  • Thermally controlled solar spectroradiometer

A comprehensive software suite permits optimal operation of the Enviro150 locally or whilst unattended, recording spectra up to every five minutes in some of the harshest measurement conditions over extended periods.

The system is based around the compact 150mm focal length DMc150 (280-600/ 300-1100nm) with photomultiplier detection, detection electronics and a choice of input optics.

Core benefits


  • Temperature controlled measurement enclosure for outdoor use
  • Compact double monochromator based spectroradiometer
  • Fibre bundle light transport to spectroradiometer
  • Range of entrance optics
  • Fully autonomous operation via BenWin+ Windows control software providing full automation


  • Solar irradiance monitoring
  • Data input to climate modelling
  • Ozone column and aerosol optical depth measurements

Monochromator Specifications

Optical layout

Configuration Pair symmetrical Czerny Turner monochromators arranged for additive dispersion
Focal length Total focal length: 300mm
Individual Units: 150mm
Grating mount Kinematic mount
Number of gratings 1 pair see separate Diffraction Gratings datasheet for full range)
Grating size 33x33mm
Aperture ratio f/4 (at all grating angles)
Number of entrance/exit ports 1/2 or 2/1


Mechanical resolution drive 0.000072°/step
Slit type Fixed, micrometer or motorised variable
Slit width & height 10µm-8mm (W) x 20mm (H)
Filter size 25mm diameter

Optical performance (quoted for 1200 g/mm gratings)

Spectral range Within range 200nm-2500nm
Linear dispersion 2.7nm/mm
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.3nm, ± 0.05nm with software correction
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.05nm
Resolution full/reduced slit height 0.5/0.1nm
Stray light rejection at 2.5 FWHM 10-8
Wavelength acquisition speed 30nm/s


Computer interface USB
Software control BenWin+/SDK

Electrical / Mechanical

Overall dimensions 440L x 310W x 185H (mm)
Optical height 128.9mm
Construction Single machined casting
Weight 12 kg
Power supply Mains input 110/220V 50/60Hz

Envirobox Specifications

Mechanical & Interface

Overall dimensions 755L x 750W x 480H (mm)
Thermal control - Insulated via high density polystyrene walls
- A two-stage Peltier cooling (and associated fan) assembly stabilise the temperature
Electrical and USB connections - Electrical connection to the elements inside the Envirobox is facilitated via a distribution board fed from an external environmentally sealed plug
Fibre bundle connection - Light is transported from the input optics by a 10m quartz fibre bundle

Input Optics

Optic Details
Bentham D6QA_C D6QA_C quartz-domed cosine response diffuser, and fibre bundle for measurement of global solar irradiance.
Dry air pump Re-circulates air to prevent condensation on the quartz dome of the diffuser


Detector Details
Bi-alkali photomultiplier tube (PMT) (200-~650nm) Requires 215 modular high-voltage PSU

Calibration Standards

Calibration standard Details
CL7 UV deuterium irradiance standard, requires 708 PSU

Detection Electronics

417 Detection electronics subrack, power supply and display
487 Combined current amplifier and analogue-digital converter
215 Modular, high voltage PSU


Enviro150 DMc150 monochromator for narrow range measurements; 280-600, 300-1100nm
Enviro300 DTMc300 for wide range measurements 280-2500nm
Global Diffuser on Rotating Shadow Band with no shadow
Diffuse Measurement of diffuse solar irradiance, using rotating shadow band
Diffuser on RSB with shadow
Direct Measurement of direct solar irradiance with direct solar accessory and solar tracker
Alternate fibre input, e.g. from telescope on sun tracker for direct solar

Ordering information

Enviro_150 DMc150 monochromator for narrow range measurements; 280-600, 300-1100nm
Enviro_300 DTMc300 for wide range measurements 280-2500nm

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