PVE300 Photovoltaic EQE (IPCE) and IQE solution

  • PVE300 Photovoltaic Testing Solution
  • PVE300 System Enclosure
  • PVE300 PV Efficiency Measurement
  • PVE300 System Components
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  • Front Electrical Probe Superstate PV chuck
  • Front-Front Probe Superstate PV chuck
  • Front-Rear Probe Superstate PV chuck

The PVE300 features full compatibility with all types of photovoltaic devices, materials and architectures, including c:Si, mc:Si, a:Si, µ:Si, CdTe, CIGS, CIS, Ge, dye-sensitised, organic/polymer, tandem, multi-junction (2-, 3-, 4-junction and more), quantum well, quantum dots, chalcogenides and perovskites.

Core benefits


  • Optimised tuneable light source based on xenon-quartz tungsten halogen dual source and single monochromator
  • Wide range of operation (300-2500nm) beyond this, please enquire
  • Reflective optics beam delivery to sample plane
  • A range of sample mounts and detection electronics to suit all device types and architectures
  • Windows control software provides full automation via USB 2.0
  • Direct determination of device spectral response (SR, A W-1)
  • Direct determination of device external quantum efficiency (EQE/IPCE, %)
  • Direct determination of total reflectance, R and transmittance, T, to convert EQE to internal quantum efficiency (IQE, %)

Related Event



  • IEC 60904-8:2014 - Photovoltaic devices - Part 8: Measurement of spectral responsivity of a photovoltaic (PV) device
  • IEC 60904-8-1:2017 - Photovoltaic devices - Part 8-1: Measurement of spectral responsivity of multi-junction photovoltaic (PV) devices

Reported Parameters

  • IQE
  • Predicted Jsc
  • Reflectance
  • Transmittance

Recent Citations

Monochromatic Probe (TMc300)

Probe light source

75W Xenon and 100W Quartz halogen (QTH)

Monochromator configuration

Triple grating, symmetric, single Czerny-Turner, 300mm focal length


Adjustable fixed slit, 1-10nm typical


0.3nm (1200g/mm); 0.6nm (600g/mm)


2.7nm/mm (1200g/mm); 5.4nm/mm (600g/mm)

Wavelength range

300-1100nm (1200g/mm ); 1100-2500nm (600g/mm)

Wavelength accuracy

± 0.2nm (1200g/mm); ± 0.4nm (600g/mm)

Relay optic

Mirror-based, 1.2x magnification

Probe size

Up to 6x6mm

Temperature-Controlled Vacuum Mount

Temperature control

4x70W Peltier-based heat pump, water- cooled hot side

Temperature range


Temperature feedback

Centrally-positioned sensor situated 3mm below sample plane

Temperature stability

± 1°C

Light Bias

Transport to sample

Branched glass fibre bundle

Bias source irradiance

0-1.5 suns

Bias source uniformity

±1% over 1 cm2

Filter option

Two 50mm square filter holders

Source options

Quartz halogen/ Xenon/ Class B AM1.5


Software control

Benwin+ Windows application



Reference Diodes

Diode & range

Silicon 300-1100nm; Germanium 800-1800nm


PTB, Germany

Voltage Bias (optional)

Voltage range

-20 to 20V

Current limit


XY Stage (optional)

Travel in x


Travel in y


Positional Accuracy


Bi-directional repeatability




Drive type

Stepper motor



Integrating Sphere

Port size

15mm Ø (5 &10mm Ø port reducers supplied)




Silicon/ Germanium/ Silicon-InGaAs sandwich


All configurations and accessories are designed to adapt the PVE300 system to the testing requirements of all single and multi-junction PV devices, including:

  • Temperature-controlled vacuum mounts for substrate, superstrate or packaged devices
  • Programmable Single or multiple channel bias sources, including an AM1.5 matched bias source
  • Voltage biasing for the assessment of multiple junction cells and some thin film device
  • Integrating sphere-based determination of reflectance/transmittance to yield internal quantum efficiency (IQE, %)
  • Motorised x-y stage for device uniformity measurement
  • Characterisation of fluorescent materials with addition of second monochromator
  • Customised Electrical Probe
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Probe Beam Irradiance Control
  • High Output Monochromatic Light Source

Responsivity Measurements

Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE)

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PVE300 photovoltaic EQE (IPCE) and IQE solution

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