NVC150 Night Vision Compatibility Testing

  • NVC150 Night Vision compatibility characterisation
  • NVC150 System Set-up
  • NVC150 Telescope view
  • NVC150 System Set-up

Featuring two configurations, as a spectroradiometer, the NVC150 permits accurate assessment of interior lighting (MIL STD 3009) and exterior lighting (SAE ARP5825, STANAG 1445 etc) whilst as a spectrophotometer, is utilised in the detailed evaluation of NVIS filter transmission.

Across all applications, the superlative performance of the NVC150, including excellent stray light rejection and unparalleled sensitivity, delivers accurate NVIS compatibility characterisation and ultimate measurement confidence across the life time of the system.

Core benefits


  • Double monochromator for superlative stray light performance
  • Windows control software (BenWin+) provides full automation via USB 2.0
  • Thermoelectrically cooled photomultiplier detector (S20 photocathode)
  • Optional spectroradiometer and spectrophotometer modes
  • Range of telescope input optics
  • Reports colourimetric parameters, luminance, NRa and NRb


  • MIL STD 3009 - Lighting, aircraft, night vision imaging system (NVIS) compatible
  • SAE ARP5825 - Design Requirements and Test Procedures for Dual Mode Exterior Lights
  • STANAG 1445 - Conduct Of Maritime Nvg Cross Operations

Reported Parameters

  • Colourimetric parameters
  • Luminance
  • NRa
  • NRb


Spectral range of operation


Spectral data interval


Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)


Wavelength accuracy

± 0.3nm, ± 0.05nm with software correction

Wavelength reproducibility

± 0.05nm



Stray light rejection at 2.5 FWHM


Minimum working distance

25mm with Macro lens

Maximum working distance

50m with TL1 lens

Typical NER

10-10 W.m-2.sr-1

Bench space required

1m deep x 2.5m wide typical including working space

Services requirements

2 x 110/220V AC mains sockets, 400VA total

Computer Requirements


Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-/64-bit) operating systems (or newer)

Minimum hard disk space

Approx. 100MB

Minimum RAM

2 GB


1 x USB 2.0 port


Extension to 1100nm (or greater) for measurement of IR LEDs

Inclusion of second exit port and DH_Si silicon photodiode

Transmission measurement of filters

Inclusion of IL1 general illuminator and filter holder, to be mounted on monochromator entrance slit

Ordering Information


Evaluation and development of NVIS enabled products

Software Control

The NVC150 is fully automated through the USB interface, and controlled by the Benwin+ Windows software, allowing easy system calibration, source measurement, and the automatic reporting of NVIS parameters including colourimetric parameters, NVIS colour region, NRa and NRb.

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