Fluoro300 High Performance Fluorometer

  • Configurable solid/ liquid sample fluorometer
  • Phosphor samples fluorescing under UV
  • Fluoro300 fluorometer sample chamber

Comprising a monochromatic excitation source sample chamber and emission analysis monochromator, excitation and emission spectra can be generated. Measurements can be either relative or using an integrating sphere, quantum yield results can be obtained.

Core Benefits

  • Highly configurable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement procedure


  • Monochromatic excitation source (250-1100nm)
  • Range of sample chambers
  • Emission monochromator (250-1100nm)
  • Fully automated operation

Excitation Monochromator

UV source 75W short-arc xenon lamp
Spectral range of operation 250-1100nm
Monochromator configuration Symmetric, single Czerny-Turner
Monochromator focal length 300mm
Diffraction gratings 2400 g/mm
Dispersion 5.4nm/mm (2400g/mm)
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.1nm (2400g/mm)
Beam diameter at sample plan 4mm diameter

Emission monochromator

Spectral range of operation 250-1100nm
Bandwidth 1nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.1nm (2400g/mm)
Detectors Thermoelectrically cooled photomultiplier detector (200-800nm), Silicon photodiode (800-1100nm)
Signal recovery Dual channel picoammeter

Computer Requirements

OS Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-/64-bit) operating systems (or newer)
Software control BenWin+ Spectral acquisition software
Minimum hard disk space Approx. 100MB
Minimum RAM 2 GB
Interface 3 x USB 2.0 ports

Ordering Information

Fluoro300 High Performance Fluorometer

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