BGS400 Moving Luminaire Goniophotometer

  • EN13032-1 rotating lamp and luminaire gioniophotometer

Yielding a wide range of parameters, the BGS400 provides detailed assessment of both photometric data in accordance with standards EN13032-1 and EN13032-4, alongside the implementation of EU commission regulation 1194/20121 eco-design of directional sources.

With a fixed photometer located in the far field, the BGS400 is based on sample rotation about the horizontal and vertical axes using two precision geared micro-stepping motors.

Core benefits


  • Automation via USB interface and Windows based control software (BenBGS)
  • Two axis moving lamp & luminaire goniophotometer
  • Operation in C-γ and B-ß modes
  • Customisable sample mounting using optical breadboard and lamp mounting accessories
  • Precision photometer with NMI traceable calibration
  • Determination of lamp and luminaire photometric data in accordance with EN13032-1 and the future EN13032-4
  • Evaluation of total luminous flux of directional sources in accordance with EU Eco-design regulation 1194/2012
  • Computation of UGR tables, utilisation factors, Söllner diagram, cone diagram and beam angle
  • Generation of customisable reports
  • v C-γ, B-ß Plane 


  • EN 13032-1 - Light and lighting. Measurement and presentation of photometric data of lamps and luminaires. Measurement and file format (and the future EN13032-4)
  • EU Eco-design regulation 1194/2012

Reported Parameters

  • Luminous intensity profile
  • Total luminous flux


Angular rotation (no dead angle)C-γ mode
Horizontal rotational axis (C-planes) = 360°
Vertical rotational axis (γ) = 0-140/160°
B-β mode
Horizontal rotational axis (B-planes) = 360°
Vertical rotational axis (β )= 140/160°
Angular resolutionHorizontal rotational axis: 0.05°
Vertical rotational axis: 0.05°
Area occupied by goniometer2m diameter circular area
Maximum sample sizeC-γ mode: 500 mm diameter, 300mm deep
B-β mode: 1.65m long, 500mm diameter
Maximum sample weightC-γ mode: 20 kg
B-β mode: 40 kg

Photometric detector

Spectral functionCIE 1924 V(λ) Spectral Luminous Efficiency Function for Photopic Vision
Spectral response range380-780nm
Photopic match, f1<3%
Angular response, f2<1.5%
Linearity, f3<0.2%
Typical responsivity5x 10-10A/ lux
Calibration traceabilityPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)
Diffuser diameter7mm
Stray light suppressionVariable aperture baffle tube
Amplifier gain ranges1010-105 V/A
Maximum input100µA
Input impedanceVirtual ground
Gain accuracy & stability±1 %, 200 ppm/ °C
Output stability5-500 ppm/ °C dependent on gain range
ADC resolution4 ½ digit BCD (0 to 19999) (>14 bit resolution)
Luminous intensity range0.01D2-200000D2 (D photometric distance [m])
Area occupied by photometer frame0.5 x 0.5m


Power supplyPMC MAC- 110/220V 50/60Hz, ORM400– transformer
InterfacePMC MAC & ORM400- USB 2.0


BGS400 moving luminaire goniophotometer in C-γ mode
BGS400 goniophotometer in C-γ configuration

BGS400 moving luminaire goniophotometer in B-ß mode
BGS400 goniophotometer in B-ß configuration
BGS400 lighting and luminaire photometer configuration
BGS400 in photometer configuration
BGS400 single pillar dimensions
BGS400 goniophotometer pillar dimensions
BGS400 dual pillar dimensions
BGS400 goniophotometer dual pillar dimensions
BGS400 photometer pillar dimensions
BGS400 photometer dimensions

Example Measurement Results

BGS400 goniophotometer luminaire polar chart
BGS400 luminaire polar chart
BGS400 goniophotometer luminaire glare rating
BGS400 luminaire glare rating
BGS400 goniophotometer luminaire cone diagram
BGS400 luminaire cone diagram

Software Control

BenGMS goniophotometer software
  • Bentham Instruments Goniometry Measurement Software (BenGMS) is a Windows software application written to accompany Bentham Instrument's Goniometry systems.
  • Designed to be easy to use, it gives full control of the system configuration and acquisition parameters.
  • With the ability to perform 50% beam angle calculations and export in a number of industry standard file formats for luminaire data, BenGMS is a versatile solution suitable for many goniometry applications.
  • A comprehensive SDK is made available where enhanced functionality or incorporation of third party instruments are required.

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