FTMC100-LDS High-powered Tuneable Light Source

A high brightness, fibre-coupled, broandband tunable monochromatic light source, capable of UV, visible and NIR emission. 

Powered by an Hamamatsu/Energetiq EQ-77 very high radiance source for maximum light coupled into the output fibre, the FTMC100-LDS is a highly specialised alternative to our normal configurable monochromators. Featuring high-efficiency dynamic optical elements and up to three gratings for increased efficiency across a broad spectral range, the FTMC100-LDS delivers  intense monochromatic light via a convenient fibre, ready to plug into your application.



The FTMC50-SCL excels wherever high intensity light of particular spectral parameters is required, including:

  • Photoluminescence spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence imaging, microscopy
  • Detector responsivity / QE evaluation
  • Spectral Flat-field correction


  • Precision

    The wavelength selection mechanism is tried-and-tested. It utilises the same technology as is available in our top-line monochromators, offering incredibly precise and accurate positioning of the internal diffraction grating.

  • Dynamic Optics

    Due to its high efficiency dynamic optics and high-radiance light source, the FTMC100-LDS emits very intense light in a convenient fibre form factor.

  • Configurability 

    With its three diffraction gratings, and broadband EQ77 light source,  FTMC100-LDS can be configured to be suitable to many different applications, or even fine-tuned for certain spectral ranges.

  • Remote Interface 

    If you want to automate your testing or integrate the light source into a bigger system, the FTMC100-LDS has a simple USB text-based remote interface compatible with any modern computer and operating system, without drivers. The protocol is based on the widely-used SCPI syntax. We also provide development tools and libraries including Windows SDK and terminal, and a cross-platform python package (bendev). 

Typical output characteristics

parameter quantity


output power

see Configuration page

output bandwidth

see Configuration page

spectral bandwidth

see Configuration page

wavelength speed (1)

0.5 s for a 5 nm step

mechanical resolution (1)

Δλ < 0.02nm

wavelength accuracy (2)

0.3 nm (D=1200)

  1. Wavelength change corresponding to a minimal adjustment of the grating motor. Highly grating dependent, upper bound for standard gratings given.
  2. Filtering wavelength accuracy. Features of light source (e.g. xenon lines) can distort the spectral shape of the output.

Configuration Options

Main monochromator configuration

grating ruling density

Minimum Wavelength

Maximum Wavelength

Bandwidth (FWHM)




5nm ± 1nm

Output Ports




standard SMA fibre port


optional FC/PC connector for mounting Fibre Connector / Physical Contact fibres


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