TMc150 Single Monochromator

  • TMc150 150mm focal length compact monochromator

At just 20x11cm the TMc150 monochromator features an ultra-compact design with a single entrance and exit slit with up to two diffraction gratings, ideal for accommodation into the smallest of spaces available, particularly suitable in OEM applications.

The TMC150 is ideally suited to measurements whereby a lower spectral resolution is required, i.e. as tuneable light source, however is equally at home at the heart of a larger measurement system.

Core benefits


  • High degree of configurational flexibility
  • Wide spectral range covered in a single scan
  • 150mm focal length single monochromator
  • Czerny-Turner configuration
  • Accommodates up to two diffraction gratings
  • Single entrance and single exit slit

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