PbS-CAL Spectral Responsivity Standard (1500-3000nm)

  • PBS_CAL Lead Sulphide Photodiode Detector Chip
  • PbS-CAL Spectral Responsivity reference Standard 1500-3000nm

Calibrated in our dedicated laboratory, in photoconductive mode, with respect to standards calibrated by the Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany), a calibration range of 1500-3000nm is on offer.

Housing a 3x3mm active area lead sulphide photodiode, the PbS-CAL delivers enhanced linearity and exceptionally low noise. Operated in the photoconductive mode with a chopped input, the signal generated by this detector is best measured in using a trans-impedance amplifier such as the Bentham 477 followed by the 496 DSP lock-in amplifier. Control of the thermo-electric element is assured by the CPS1/CPS1M.

Core benefits


  • Spectral responsivity standard, 1500-3000nm (A.W-1)
  • General purpose lead sulphide photodiode
  • High sensitivity 3x3 mm diameter active area
  • Calibration performed with respect to the Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)
  • Compatible with the entire range of Bentham monochromators and accessories
  • Recommended for use with the 400 Series of detection electronics

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