IDR300 Double Monochromator

  • IDR300 integrated monochromator with picoammeter
  • IDR300 integrated monochromator with picoammeter

Composed of two 300mm focal length, triple-grating turret Czerny-Turner monochromators arranged for additive dispersion, the IDR300 has a solenoid-based swing away mirror at the exit of both halves. This provides a single monochromator exit port and two double monochromator exit ports, allowing the specification of up to three system detectors. Grating drive control electronics are located to the base of the unit alongside the signal recovery electronics required to interface the three detectors, including two dual-channel picoammeters and a high voltage power supply for operation of detectors in the photoemissive or photoconductive modes.

The IDR300 is a single unit with a lot of talents, ready for deployment in a number of applications.

Core benefits


  • Two 300mm focal length monochromators in Czerny-Turner mount
  • Triple grating turrets
  • One entrance and three exit ports, all motorised with automated mirror-based selection
  • Integrated drive electronics, two dual-channel picoammeters and high voltage power supply
  • Compatible with the full range of sources, detectors and accessories of the Bentham portfolio
  • Fully automated through USB 2.0 interface

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