IDR150 Double Monochromator

  • IDR150 monochromator with integrated picoammeter and HV supply

Composed of two 150mm focal length Czerny-Turner monochromators arranged for additive dispersion with a stepping motor driven sine bar grating drive, the IDR150 can be configured to include a single or dual exit ports. Grating drive control electronics are located to the base of the unit alongside the signal recovery electronics required to interface up to two detectors, including a dual-channel picoammeter and a high voltage power supply for operation of detectors in the photoemissive or photoconductive modes.

Core benefits


  • Two 150mm focal length monochromators in Czerny-Turner mount
  • Sine bar driven pair of interchangeable, kinematically mounted diffraction gratings
  • One entrance and up to two exit ports, with automated mirror-based selection
  • Integrated drive electronics, dual-channel picoammeter and high voltage power supply
  • Compatible with the full range of sources, detectors and accessories of the Bentham portfolio
  • Fully automated through USB 2.0 interface

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