TMc300 Single Monochromator

  • TMc300 single monochromator
  • TMc300 single monochromator

This 300mm focal length Czerny-Turner monochromator includes a triple grating turret to permit flexible measurements across a range of 200nm-30µm.  A choice of up to two entrance and/or exit ports facilitate use of multiple input, output and detector configurations.

Compatible with the full range of sources, detectors and accessories of the Bentham portfolio, the TMC300 monochromator is the cornerstone of many proprietary light measurement systems ranging throughout the UV-vis-IR.

Core benefits


  • 300mm focal length single monochromator
  • Built in a single casting, for optimised rigidity and robustness
  • Up to three diffraction gratings permitting single–scan measurement over wide spectral range (200nm-30µm)
  • Up to two entrance and/or exit ports with automated mirror-based port selection
  • Fast wavelength acquisition with zero backlash
  • Large rectangular gratings enhances light throughput whilst optical layout minimises scattered light

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