FOP Series Fibre Optic Bundles

  • FOP series UV-vis-IR fibre optic bundle with SMA interface
  • FOP series UV-vis-IR flexible fibre optic bundle

Constructed with research-grade materials, the FOP series fibre bundles feature specialised ferrule profiles to ensure maximum optical throughput with our range of entrance optics, measurement accessories and monochromators.

The range includes borosilicate glass, UV silica (low and high hydroxyl), IR and hybrids fibre types. Bi-furcated or multiple-branch fibres are available on request.

Core benefits





  • Bundles of one or more fibre types
  • Available in a variety of diameters between 2-6mmø, and lengths up to 15m
  • An adjustable adaptor plate provides universal compatibility and excellent repeatability our range of monochromators
  • Bi-furcated or multiple-branch fibres are available on request

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