DTR6 Integrating Sphere (300-2000nm)

  • DTR6 with range of port reducers and sample mounts 300-2000nm
  • DTR6 diffuse transmission and 8° diffuse reflectance sphere

The 150mm diameter BaS04 coated DTR6 integrating sphere is arranged for 8°/diffuse reflectance (inclusive or not of the specular component) and diffuse transmittance measurements. A detector port is located at right angles to the sample port.

A range of port reducers is provided to accommodate samples of various sizes. 

Core benefits


  • 150mm diameter integrating sphere
  • 20mm diameter entrance and reflectance ports fitted with sample holders
  • Supplied with 5 and 10mm port reducers
  • Barium sulphate coated sphere
  • Entrance port located at 8° to reflectance port
  • Specular reflectance port with trap/cover at 8°
  • Detector mounting point
  • Mount to optical rail


Spectral range 300-2000nm
Entrance port diameter 20mm
Reflectance port diameter 20mm
Port reducers 5 and 10mm diameter
Reflectance geometry 8°/diffuse
Reflectance reference standard Calibrated BenFlect diffuse reflectance standard
Sample mounts Set of microscope slide holders provided


Integrating sphere diameter 150mm
Reflective coating type BaS04
Mounting Optical rail clamp
Detector coupling 4 x M3 threaded holes in Bentham slit pattern

Sphere Configuration

DTR6 integrating sphere configuration diagram

Ordering Information

DTR6 Diffuse transmission and 8°/diffuse reflectance sphere

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