• COL3 collimator with open iris diaphragm
  • COL3 collimator with closed iris diaphragm

Utilising an ellipsoidal and a parabolic UV coated mirror, four interchangeable apertures are provided, allowing the user to optimise the throughput/power trade-off. An adjustable iris allows the user to set a beam diameter between 1 to 12mm.

Core benefits


  • Two mirror collimator
  • Set of four interchangeable collimating apertures
  • Iris diaphragm to adjust beam size
  • Directly mounts to monochromator exit slit
  • Optional light source mounting adaption

COL_3 Divergence

Aperture (mm) Divergence Full Angle (°)
0.5 0.6
1 1.2
2 2.3
3 3.7


Beam size 1-12mm
Transmission range 0.2-20µm


Compatibility Provided with monochromator slit adaptor plate

Ordering Information

COL_3 Reflective-optic-based collimator
45305 Slit mounting plate for monochromators with internal motorised slits
45582 Slit mounting plate for monochromators with external motorised slits
45581 Slit mounting plate for monochromators with fixed slits

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