COL_1 Collimator

  • COL_1 light source collimator with 2-20mm beam diameter
  • COL_1 light source with three interchangeable apertures

Using a two-lens systems with three interchangeable apertures the COL_1 allows the user to optimise the throughput/power trade-off. An adjustable iris allows the user to set a beam diameter between 2 and 20mm.

Options include a range of lenses dependant on spectral range of use, and the COL_2 for us with the IL1 halogen light source.

Core benefits


  • Two lens collimator
  • Set of three interchangeable collimating apertures
  • Iris diaphragm to adjust beam size
  • Directly mounts to monochromator exit slit
  • Optional light source mounting adaption

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