ILD-Xe-QH Xenon-QTH Source (250-2500nm)

  • ILD-Xe-QH Xenon-QTH lamp 250-2500nm
  • ILD-Xe-QH Xenon-Halogen lamp internal components

Housing a 75W short-arc xenon lamp and a 100W QTH lamp with automated selection between the two, efficient coupling is ensured by using an off-axis elliptical reflector (xenon) and silica condenser lens (QTH).

Options include the integration of an optical chopper quick change adaptor to facilitate mounting to monochromator entrance slit.

Stable operation of both sources can be ensured by using the 610 current stabilised lamp power supply.

Core benefits


  • 75W xenon lamp and 100W QTH lamp housing with air cooling
  • Off-axis elliptical reflector xenon lamp coupling
  • Fused silica condenser lens quartz tungsten halogen lamp coupling
  • Automated source selection via solenoid-based swing away mirror
  • Interface to range of Bentham monochromators

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