IL1 Halogen Source (350-4000nm)

  • IL1 QTH lamp 350-4500nm
  • IL1 QTH source 350-4500nm

Fitted with a 100W QTH lamp as standard, the IL1 includes a single quartz condenser lens to match the f/4 optics of our range of monochromators. Options include 150/250W QTH lamps, a CaFcondenser lens to extend the upper wavelength from 2500 to 4000nm and a fully enclosed variant.

The Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamp provides unsurpassed stability over any other source and should always be used where it provides sufficient output in the wavelength region of interest. Operating the lamp from the 610 constant current power supply ensures ultimate stability. 

Core benefits


  • 100W QTH lamp housing with air cooling
  • Silica or CaF2 condenser lens
  • Interface to range of Bentham monochromators
  • Facility for mounting 418 optical chopper

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