DTR6 Integrating Sphere (300-2000nm)

  • DTR6 with range of port reducers and sample mounts 300-2000nm
  • DTR6 diffuse transmission and 8° diffuse reflectance sphere

The 150mm diameter BaS04 coated DTR6 integrating sphere is arranged for 8°/diffuse reflectance (inclusive or not of the specular component) and diffuse transmittance measurements. A detector port is located at right angles to the sample port.

A range of port reducers is provided to accommodate samples of various sizes. 

Core benefits


  • 150mm diameter integrating sphere
  • 20mm diameter entrance and reflectance ports fitted with sample holders
  • Supplied with 5 and 10mm port reducers
  • Barium sulphate coated sphere
  • Entrance port located at 8° to reflectance port
  • Specular reflectance port with trap/cover at 8°
  • Detector mounting point
  • Mount to optical rail

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