DTMS300 Double Monochromator

  • DTMS300 monochromator with motorised slits and triple grating turret

Comprising dual single-monochromators arranged in an additive configuration, the DTMS300 maintains outstanding optical performance and flexibility of configuration.

With the ability to cover the wide spectral range of the DTMc300 within a single scan, the DTMS300 includes the added advantage of internal motorised slits permitting ease of maintenance and selection of measurement bandwidth.

Core benefits


  • Double monochromator comprising two 300mm focal length TMS300 monochromators
  • Czerny-Turner configuration arranged for additive dispersion
  • Each single monochromator accommodates up to three diffraction gratings
  • Fully automated through USB 2.0 interface
  • Up to two entrance ports, one exit port on first monochromator (single mode) and up to two exits on second monochromator (double mode)
  • Automated mirror-based port selection for use of multiple input/ output/ detector configurations

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