DH_IGA-EX-3_TE Photodiode (900-2550nm)

  • DH_IGA-EX_TE thermo-electrically cooled detector 900-1900nm

Housing a 3mm diameter active area extended InGaAs photodiode (900-2550nm), the DH_IGA is operated in the photovoltaic mode. Using an optically chopped input, the signal generated by this detector is best measured in using the 477 trans-impedance pre-amplifier followed by the 496 DSP lock-in amplifier.

The mounting flange supplied with the DH_IGA-EX-3_TE is compatible with the entire range of Bentham monochromators and accessories. A quick-change variant is also available. Options include extended variants and a lens solution to maximise coupling from monochromator.


Core benefits


  • Housed extended InGaAs photodiode
  • 3mm diameter active area
  • Typically operated in AC mode
  • Compatible with Bentham's entire range of monochromators and accessories
  • Suitable for free standing applications
  • Recommended for use with 400 series detection electronics

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