DH_3_BI Bi-Alkali End-Window Photocathode (200-600nm)

  • DH_3_BI KCs bi-alkali detector 200-600nm
  • DH_3_BI KCs bi-alkali detector connectors

Housing a end-window bi-alkali (KCs photocathode) photomultiplier tube, a mu-metal shield and a PCB based dynode chain, reliable operation and excellent linearity can be ensured. The 415 high voltage supply module maintains the photocathode at a negative high voltage. The photocurrent generated by this detector is best measured using the 487 picoammeter or the 477 pre-amplifier followed by the 496 lock-in amplifier.

The mounting flange supplied with the DH_3_BI is compatible with the entire range of Bentham monochromators and accessories.

Core benefits


  • Housed photomultiplier tube featuring mu-metal shield and PCB dynode chain
  • Operated in either the DC or AC regimes
  • Compatible with Bentham's entire range of monochromators and accessories
  • Recommended for use with 400 series detection electronics


Photocathode KCs
Active area 20mm diameter
Window material Fused silica
Number dynodes 10
Dynode chain resistance Linear: 750 kΩ
Pulse Counting: 3.92 MΩ
Operating mode Photoemmisive
Spectral response range 200-600nm
Peak wavelength (typ.) 350nm
Dark current (typ.) 50pA at 750V
NEP 1 x 10-16 W.Hz-1/2
Max. high voltage 2000V DC
Max. anode current 100μA
Max. operating Temperature -30 to +60°C


Connector BNC/HV-BNC
Compatibility Supplied with an interface plate, 4 x M3 clearance holes (Bentham slit pattern)

Ordering Information

DH_3_BI End-window bi-alkali photomultiplier detector

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