215 High Voltage Power Supply Module

  • 215 high voltage modular PSU

Designed for dedicated applications, the 215 maintains an exceptional degree of output stabilisation despite variations in temperature, mains voltage or whilst the supply is loaded and current drawn.

Housed in the 417 unit, the 215 front panel permits setting and switching of the high voltage. The output voltage may be monitored via the display featured on the 417 unit. External control and switching with a micro-switch in safety interlock systems can also be implemented by application of a DC voltage.

Core benefits


  • Single width module housed within the 417/417T  Unit
  • Continuously variable -300V to -1500V
  • Local or remote control
  • Fully short-circuit protected
  • Designed for use with photomultiplier, lead sulphide and lead selenide detectors


Output Voltage Range -350 to -1500V
Maximum Current 1.5A
Temperature stability 100 ppm/°C
Stability to voltage fluctuations 25ppm for 10% change in line voltage
Ripple & Noise 100ppm peak-peak

Interface & Mechanical

Control Front panel/ remote via 3.5mm jack socket
Front Panel Controlled Features High voltage set, power on/off
Dimensions Single width module, 3U high
Connector HV BNC
Display Digital display of 417 unit, channel HV


215 High voltage supply module (single output)
215D High voltage supply module (dual output)

Ordering Information

S200_215 High voltage supply module (single output)
S200_215D High voltage supply module (dual output)

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