215 high voltage modular PSU

215 High Voltage Power Supply Module

Ensures optimal function of photoemissive and photoconductive detectors

218M modular optical chopper with chopper wheels and control unit

218M Optical Chopper & Control Module

High-performance optical chopper solution with modular controller

275 modular ultra low noise pre-amplifier unit

275 Ultra Low Noise Pre-amplifier Module

Lock-in amplifier front-end for Mercury Cadmium Telluride detectors

417 modular detection electronics mainframe

417 Detection Electronics Mainframe

Housing, power supply and communications for 400 series modules

474 modular transformer and amplifier unit

474 Transformer & Amplifier Module

Lock-in amplifier front-end in AC systems for use with detectors including large DC signal component

477 modular AC current preamplifier unit

477 AC Current Pre-amplifier Module

Lock-in amplifier front end in AC systems with lock-in detection

487 modular dual-channel picoammeter unit

487 Dual-Channel Picoammeter Module

Optimum signal acquisition in DC systems

496 modular DSP lock-in amplifier unit

496 DSP Lock-In Amplifier Module

Simple, intervention-free signal recovery in chopped light measurements

498 modular hybrid AC current pre-amplifier-DC nanoammeter unit

498 Hybrid AC Current Pre-amplifier-DC Nanoammeter Module

Agile module for both AC and DC systems

DH_PY_PSU modular PSU

DH_PY_PSU Power Supply Module

Power supply for DH_PY Pyroelectric detector