IL8 SiN Infrared Source (1-30µm)

  • IL8 IR Source

Fitted with a 40W silicon nitride emitter operating at 1250K with high emissivity, the IL8 includes a single KRS5 condenser lens to match the f/4 optics of our range of monochromators. Stable operation is ensured via the Bentham 610 current stabilised lamp power supply.

Core benefits


  • Houses a 40W SiN infrared emitter
  • KRS5 condenser lens
  • Interface to range of Bentham monochromators 
  • Facility for mounting 418 optical chopper


Lamp typeSilicon Nitride incandescent source
Nominal lamp power and voltage40W, 12V
Operating current3.3A DC
Expected lamp lifetime5000h


Connector4mm socket
Compatibility4 x M3 clearance holes in Bentham slit pattern
LensSingle KRS5 condenser lens, adjustable focus
IL8 Typical Spectral Distribution
Typical Spectral Distribution of IL8

Ordering Information

IL8SiN infrared source
19076Replacement 40W SiN IR emitter
PSU_610Current stabilised lamp power supply

The Bentham Standard

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