DH_PBS_TE Cooled Photodiode (1-3µm)

  • DH-PBS-TE Thermoelectrically cooled Lead Sulphide Detector
  • DH-PBS-TE Photodiode Chip
  • DH-PBS-TE Quick Change Adaptor - Front
  • DH-PBS-TE Quick Change Adaptor - Rear

Housing a 3x3mm active area lead sulphide photodiode, the DH_PBS_TE is operated in the photoconductive mode with the 215 voltage supply whilst temperature control is ensured by the CPS1M. Using an optically chopped input, the signal generated by this detector is best measured in using the 477 trans-impedance pre-amplifier followed by the 496 DSP lock-in amplifier.

Core benefits


  • Houses lead selenide photodiode
  • 3x3mm diameter active area
  • Operated in AC mode
  • Compatible with Bentham's entire range of monochromators and accessories
  • Suitable for free standing applications
  • Recommended for use with 400 series detection electronics


MaterialLead Sulphide
Active area3x3 mm
Spectral response range1000-3000nm
Operating modePhotoconductive
Shunt resistance (typ.)0.7MΩ
Peak wavelength (typ.)2600nm
Peak responsivity (typ.)2 x 105 V.W-1
NEP<1 x 10-14 W.H-1/2
Maximum cooler current1.25A
Recommended chopping frequency175/ 225 Hz
Operating temperature-10°C
Max. operating Temperature-20 to +60°C


CompatibilityFour M3 clearance holes (Bentham slit pattern)


DH_PBS_TEThermo-electrically cooled lead sulphide photodiode
DH_PBS_TE_QCThermo-electrically cooled lead sulphide photodiode, quick change interface
Typical DH-PBSE-TE Responsivity
DH-PBSE-TE Typical Responsivity

Ordering Information

DH_PBS_TEThermo-electrically cooled lead sulphide photodiode
DH_PBS_TE_QC Thermo-electrically cooled lead sulphide photodiode, quick change interface

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